World Jump Rope Championship, Washington DC, 4th - 8th July 2012

The World Jump Rope Championship was participated by skippers from America, Germany, France, Brazil, Japan, Tanzania, India, Kenya, Britain and Singapore. Ariel, our only participant, won an award for her 30 seconds speed out of a field of about 70 skippers. This makes her the WJRC rank 5th 17U female.

First day was registration and there was free time so we went to see the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History which was featured in the movie "Night at the Museum". Only had time to see the amazing dinosaur section of the huge museum. Went to see the White house too and the Apple Store. Did not have time to see the Lincoln Memorial although it was only 15 minutes away from our dorm at George Washington University.

The tournament featured some of the world's best skippers and coaches making it a one of a kind experience for us.

Roger Yue Jr
Rope Skipping Singapore

Snapshot of WJRC trip

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History was just 15 minutes walk from our lodgings at the George Washington University. This is the T-Rex in "Night At the Museum"

Took a bus to the Apple store. Newspaper vending machines of the different Newspapers.

Outside our dorm at George Washington University. Our big dorm room.

Inside the competition venue which is a basketball sport hall at the university. Ariel trying our the floor for the first time.

A new speed display system that uses an iPhone as a clicker. It's developer, Peter.

The make shift dinning hall inside the sport hall. Briefing for all the freestyle judges and support staff.

Opening ceremony parade.

Briefing for speed judges before speed events.

Ariel warming up outside sport hall where it is 32 degrees. Ready to skip her 30 second event.

Team banners.

Waiting in holding area and focusing just before 3 minutes speed.

With Liz, a second generation rope retailer. Used to buy skipping ropes from her mother. Amy, ex-skipper and a director of WJR.

I was judging for 3 days including the grand final.

The CD station manned by professional DJ.

Line dancing to music while waiting for the medal ceremony to be ready. Reminds me of our line dancing during training.

Gave out medals on the third day. Ariel with her 5th award ribbon. She also qualified as the top 10 women to compete in the Grand Final on the last day.

Standing by for he 30 second speed Grand Final. I am waving as they announce me to judge the Double Dutch Contest WJR.

Ariel with multiple womens world champion Tori and Canadian friend Ellory.

The British adult women's team and their coach Chris. She is also a skipping family with 3 daugthers skipping. They return home to prepare to perform at the London Olympics.

The only four East Asians at the competition. With Jun and Sada of Japan.

There was prom night on the last day of competition. Dance floor packed with young people dancing.

Earliest at breakfast next day before leaving. Farewell photos with coaches, Hanno of Germany and Americans Mike, Anita and Carmen. Mike's day job is a Delta Airline pilot.

Outside the subway station at George Washington University before taking the subway train to the Airport.

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