Teen Speed Challenge 2013, 12 July 2013

Singapore Heart Foundation's Jump For Joy Challenge this year had two challenges, - a primary school challenge and a teenager challenge. The novice primary school challenge called Under One Roof started at 1 pm and Teen Speed Challenge was directly after this at 2pm. There where 5 teen speed challenges, - figure eight (3m), double dutch speed (30s), double dutch double under (60s), single rope speed (30s) and single rope double under (30s).

Teen Speed Challenge was participated by some of Singapore's fastest skippers ever which made the competition really keen. Single rope double under, single rope speed and double under speed national record holder, Ariel, did not compete albeit gave a freestyle performance at the opening of Jump For Joy. The oldest skipper present, Jane, who is in the University now was tabulating speed scores.

Rope Skipping Singapore partnered Singapore Heart Foundation to develop Teen Speed Challenge. We are thrilled at the high standard of skipping today and excited about the future of teenagers rope skipping.

Roger Yue Jr
Rope Skipping Singapore

Results: Soon.

Snapshot of Jump For Joy Challenge 2013

Teenagers started arriving at JCube roof 2 hours before the TEEN SPEED CHALLENGE to practice and get used to the venue.

Winners of the primary school UNDER ONE ROOF event.

Counting judges getting ready and TEEN SPEED CHALLENGE begins.

The primary school skippers supporting teenage skippers who previously where from there schools.

Award ceremony, - group photo with all medalist and SHF CEO Mr Vernon Kang

Chilling at MacD at JCube after competition.

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