Rope Skipping Timeline

Singapore timeline

In 1989 the Dumex National Primary School Rope Skipping Championship started with a hand full of schools. In 2002 Dumex stopped sponsoring the competition. This was doldrums for rope skipping for in 2 003 the Singapore Sports Councils also stopped developing the sport. The Heart Association was also out of the picture in 2003. Expectedly the number of schools participating dropped to 35 in 2004 from about 40 in previous years.

In April 2004 AerobicsWorld founded the association for rope skipping call Rope Skipping Singapore to revive the sport. The first thing we did was to benchmark Singapore rope skippers with the rest of the world by sending athletes to the Asian and World championships. Locally, we  encouraged the Singapore Sports Council, Dumex and secondary schools to develop the sport.

By July 2005 at the National Primary School Rope Skipping Championship about half the rope skippers in the finals where coached by AerobicsWorld. We supplied competition grade skipping ropes to 13 of the top 15 ranked school teams. Clearly the sport of rope skipping was alive again thru our one and half years of work.

Upon returning from the greatly successful Asian Championship campaign in Kuala Lumpur in February 2005 we organised the first AW Masters in 2006 as part of a series of competition events to excite the rope skipping community. This was followed by the National Double Dutch Open in Feb 2007. By now about 90 percent of all competitors in rope skipping finals are coached by Rope Skipping Singapore.

May 2007 update:

With our skippers appearing regularily on TV, newspapers, radio and on NDP 2006 there is much awareness and interest in rope skipping recently. This has led to several new rope skipping events by other agencies adding vibrancy to the growing rope skipping landscape.

Dec 2009 update:

The prolific Jumping Jewels rope skipping team have been featured on TV from August to December 2009 showcasing to Singapore the best rope skipping available in the country. This exposure has helped the sport evolve from just a primary school sport to rope skipping for everybody. Another indication that rope skipping is growing up can be seen by the fact that all the sport rope skipping National records broken in 2009 are by teenagers and older. 

Dec 2011 update:

Two events have forever changed rope skipping in Singapore. Double Dutch Contest Singapore debuts as the first international competition and a TV drama 'JUMP' about a teenage rope skipping team began filming on 13 Nov 2011. Both featured adult rope skipping. We have adult rope skipping in Singapore now.

April 2015 update:

Three public skipping venue run by RSS volunteers provide opportunities for more people to skip. They are at Tampines West Club, Bukit Batok Swimming Complex and Woodlands Swimming Complex. Coach Ariel, Amanda, Ji Mei and Joyce begin coaching professionally. They started skipping at RSS from primary school.

Rope Skipping Singapore timeline

1997___Introduced a rope skipping aerobics workout called Jump Aerobics
Feb 2001___The first rope skipping practice time available to the public
Nov 2003___Rope skipping training for the 2004 Asian Championship, the first overseas competition.2-10 July 2005___First professional performances at Olympic Exhibition at Raffles City, in conjunction with the IOC Sessions
24 Aug 2005___The Dream Team rope skippers perform at Toa Payoh Sports Hall.
16 Oct 2005___Second professional rope skipping performance by 7 skippers at NTUC Downtown East.
15 July 2006___Organised the AW Master 2006, Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship
9 Aug 2006___Coached 40 Team Singapore Rope Skippers performing at National Day Parade 2006
Nov 2006___Coached PLMGS(P) rope skipping team show at launch of NLB's Asian Children Festtival at the Woodlands Library
24 Feb 2007___Organised the National Double Dutch Open 2007 at Tampines East CC
24 Feb 2007___Organised the AW Rope Skipping Convention 2007 at AerobicsWorld
1 July 2007___Organised the AW Masters 2007 at Tampines East CC
17 Nov 2007___Team Singapore Rope Skippers performed at NLB's Asian Children Festtival at the National Library
2008___Gold medal at Junior Olympic Games for double dutch speed relay with a record breaking score.
2008___Start coaching a team of 8 year olds for the Australian Nationals. They are the youngest athletes to represent Singapore in a sport and the youngest to win a gold     medal overseas.
2009___The Jumping Jewels, a teenage skipping team, are featured multiple times on TV including the prestigeous President Star Charity Live Show
2009___All sport skipping records are by teenagers and older skippers for the first time since records have been kept in 2006.
2009___The Jumping Jewels are DDCJ speed champions. The first foreign winners of this icon competition.
2010___The first Asian workshop held in Amritsar, India with almost 200 attendees registered.  RSS head coach and the Jumping Jewels conducted the workshop.
2010___Jumping Jewels performed 7 times at Youth Olympics Games at the Boxing, Fencing and Gymnastics events.
2010___The medal grading program is introduced.
2010___The Firecrackers are DDCHK fusion champions showing the maturity of our fusion program.
2010___Jumping Jewels participated in One Moment Of Glory TV talent contest.
2011___The Jumping Jewels together with the Firecrakers have won all their events at DDCHK.v2
2011___Double Dutch Contest Singapore debuts in Tampines. The Jumping Jewels win this competition.
2011___RSS commissioned to consult, train and choreography for TV drama called JUMP about a secondary school skipping team CCA.
2012___Jumping Jewels champion 3rd time at DDCHK3 and Champion for DDCS for 2nd year.
2014___Double Dutch Jam debuts in April at Tampines Community Park next to Tampines MRT. In May DDJ moves to Tampines West CC.
2015___DDJ incarnates to Rope Skipping Interest Groups at Tampines West Club, Bukit Batok Swimming Complex and Woodlands Swimming Complex.
2015___Coach Ariel, Amanda, Ji Mei and Joyce begin coaching. They started in primary school rope skipping CCA coached by RSS.
2016___Ariel is invited to participate in the Arnold Classic Asia Hong Kong Open Jump Rope Championship & Camp (20-24 August 2016)
2017___Jump Rope Jams are now at Jumping Jewels studio.

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