Skipping Australia National Championships 2011, 24-25 September 2011

This year only one of our skippers participated in the Australian Nationals which was held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) campus in Canberra. This is where all the Australian Olympic athletes train. Our flight landed in Sydney at about 5am and we drove 3 hours to Canberra.

When the dust had settle in Canberra on the competition Ariel had won 2nd in both the 30s Speed and 3 minutes Speed. A 6th position in Freestyle gave her an overall 3rd place in the 14yrs Masters.

We arrived a day before the 2 day competition. Practiced speed most of that day to get used to the cold. This paid of as both speed score are Ariel's personal best on the first day of competition, 85 and 398. Her freestyle was on the second day. It got colder during this weekend making getting warm enough for the events difficult.

Drove back to Sydney to stay a night with old friends before returning to Singapore.

Roger Yue Jr
Singapore manager/coach
Skipping Australia Championships 2011

Skipping Australia National Championships snapshot

Practicing speed on our jump board that we brought from Singapore. Our red hatchback rental parked outside our cabin #403 at Canberra Motor Village, 5 minutes from AIS.

Entrance of the arena at the Australian Institute of Sport campus.

Inside the AIS arena trying out the floor before the opening march pass. Luke, the current and 3 times world champion. Carolyn, his coach.

The Singapore contingent of our Ariel and a junior team from Rulang Primary School at the opening march pass. Notice the big screen for the Speed Display System.

To keep warm enough before the 30 second speed Ariel wore her winter jacket.

Ariel racing away in the 3 minutes speed event.

Waiting for results on the first day. On the podium for 30 seconds Speed and 3 minutes Speed.

The first day of competition finished at 9 pm with no dinner break. Dinner at MacD after competition.

On the second day of competition Ariel's freestyle event was after lunch.

In the group routine event one of the clubs gave an entertaining presentation with a team made up of parents of skippers.
A Japanese fusion team gave an energetic performance before the prize giving.

Ariel receives her medal for 3rd place overall Masters.

After prize giving athletes who qualified to represent Australia at the next World Championships where announced and went to the front.

Next morning drove back to Sydney where we had lunch are Fisherman's Market in Sydney. Look at the size of that Pelican.

A large playground on our way to Town Hall train station.

Queen Victoria Mall on top of Town Hall station. The double deck train went on the Sydney Harbour bridge on way to friends home.

Infront of our friends home. On board our Qantas flight before take off the next day.

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