Skipping Australia National Championships 2009, 28~30 August 2009

This campaign was supported by Rope Skipping Singapore, Rulang Primary School and the families of the athletes.

This Singapore team was made up of 15 rope skippers including 6 young 8 year old athletes from Rulang Primary School. Another 15 skippers from PLMGS(P) school withdrew due to the flu concerns. Interestingly 4 of the skippers in the final team where on the 2008 team when they where 8 year old debutants. The 4 now veterans in their first year of competitions have won multiple medals since. Our yearlings have all grown up.

These 4 nine year olds teamed with 5 nine to eleven year olds to compete in the under 12 year old Group Routine and won 3rd place. The interesting story here is due to lack of training time this Group Routine choreography was put together only in the last 20 minutes of training in the morning of the day the team departed for Australia on Wednesday. The team continued practicing the routine for the next three days in Australia for the event on Sunday and won bronze.

The total medal tally is one silver and 9 bronze medals and 7 ribbons. No gold this year but the Group Routine bronze is priceless underscoring the team's grit and training. Our more intuitive and responsive equipment this year also helped in our medal count.

Our athletes made new friends and met up with old friends at this three days competition. The next day the team which included 9 family members visited the DreamWorld and Surfer Paradise to relax before returning home full of memories of this eventful trip.

Evon Yak
Singapore Team Manager
Skipping Australia National Championships 2009

Skipping Australia National Championships results

Rulang Group team (under 12 yrs)

(Daniel, Mavis, Syazana, Joe, Thurston, Serene, Grace, Zhiyun & Aqilah)
Bronze for Group Routine
Firecrakers team (11-12 yrs)

(Mavis, Aqilah, Daniel & Syazana)
Bronze for Double Dutch Relay (4X45s)
Bronze for Single Rope Speed/Double Relay (4X30s)

Jumping Gems team (9-10 yrs)

(Joe, Serene, Grace, Thurston & Zhiyun)
Bronze for Single Rope Speed/Double Relay (4X30s)
Bronze for Double Dutch Single Freestyle (T/J/S)
Bronze for Overall Junior Team
Bronze for 30s speed
7th Ribbon for Overall Masters (11 yr boy)
Bronze for 30s speed (10 yr boy)
Bronze for 1 min speed
4th Ribbon for Overall Masters (10 yr boys)
Silver for 30s speed (9 yr girls)
10th Ribbon for Overall Masters (11 yr girls)
11th Ribbon for Overall Masters (11 yr girls)
5th Ribbon for Overall Masters (9-10 yr boys)

Skipping Australia National Championship snapshot

The Singapore team during the opening ceremony at Tellebugerra sports hall at Gold Coast, Australia. They are wearing the new Rope Skipping Singapore tracksuits that are recognised all around the world.

Breakfast at dinning hall which faces the beach

Singapore athletes in a sea of Australians. Still the only foreign team this year.

Friends from Rope Into It which is a club that the president of Skipping Australia is from. Our Singapore flag is hanging the wall at back.

The Rulang Jumping Gems in their starting pose of their team freestyle routine. They won overall third in the 10 -12 yrs Team catergory.

The line dance part of the single rope element in the Group Routine. With only 3 eleven year, 1 ten year and 5 nine year old in the team they succeded in winning a bronze medal in this 12 yrs and under event.

This year everyone gets a certificate of participation which is nice for our 6 seven year old debutants.

Both school teams training at Rope Skipping Singapore. In photo are also nine assistant coaches.

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