This campaign was supported by Yishun Town Secondary School, Rulang Primary School, St Hilda's Primary School, Anglican High School and the Singapore Sports Council, and is sanctioned by Rope Skipping Singapore.

Singapore now has world ranked double dutch teams underscoring our world standard rope skipping coaching program at AerobicsWorld. Singapore's top ranked team the Jumping Jewels is ranked 7th in the world.

After 2 days of competition we toured Paris and Paris Disneyland to immerse in this rich art city.

Econ Yak
Team Manager
Team Singapore Rope Skippers
International Double Dutch Championship 2007

IDDC result

Snapshot of trip to France

  Team Singapore Rope Skippers outside Stade Charlety before competition on 2 November 2007.

Jumping Jewels team registering at the competition.with their specially designed attire.

Jumping Jewels start pose



YT-zens diving in frogs

The Rulang sch double dutch team


Jumping Jewels speeding

  YT-zens speeding

  Pose with our Hungarian friends who are always well dressed and groomed, - like us.

The French are easy going people. Thru our stay they were great host even after the competition they took care of us as we toured Paris and Paris Disney.

They are everywhere.

The German team. You can see the Singapore flag on the wall at the back. We are the only Asian team besides one team of 3 Japanese girls.

  The British team

  Arc de Triomphe built by Napoleon Bonaparte.

  This site of the famous story Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Took 170 years to built from 1163. 
The Lourve is the largest museum in the world built in 1190.

 Long name for a white church on a hill with a panaramic veiw of Paris. The dome of the basilica is the second highest point in Paris. Highest is the Eiffel tower.

This is the 2nd Disneyland built outside the US 15 years ago. Goofying around with Goofy here.

Disneyland, outside Its A Small World

  Spin, whirl, twist and twirl.

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