Asian Rope Skipping Workshop camp, India, 14 - 17 Jun 2010

The Asian Rope Skipping Workshop in Amritsar, India in June 2010 was organized by the Asian Rope Skipping Confederation and hosted by Rope Skipping Federation of India. The workshops where conducted by myself and assisted by the Jumping Jewels from Rope Skipping Singapore. This was a huge camp of almost 200 registered participants mostly from the Indian continent region. More than 50 of these attended the judge certification course. This is the first time two rope skipping associations have worked together to improve the technical ability in Asia. Rope Skipping Federation of India and Rope Skipping Singapore are thoroughly inspired to conduct more Asian workshops.

India is a distinctly different place and different people from Singapore so it was a tremendous experience for the Jewels that came with me. I have been in India many times and assimilated quickly into this environment and got down to the business of providing the best possible workshop experience for the participants. Daytime summer temperature was to hot so the mid afternoons where break-time or we had judge's or couch's lessons indoors. Everyone was eager to learn the rope skipping that we brought from Singapore. The Jumping Jewels team with me are Double Dutch Contest Japan 2010 champions so we could also demonstrate a high degree and variety of rope skipping to the delight of the participants.

When work was done we took in a bit of the sights like the must see Taj Mahal and as we where in Amritsar we toured the Golden Temple. Indian food and hospitality in India is memorable and I believe the Jewels will not forget this remarkable Indian tour soon.

This first regional workshop is a sign of more rope skipping to come between Asian countries in 2011.

Roger Yue Jr
President, Rope Skipping Singapore

Snapshot of Asian Workshop

: Saturday, 12/6/2010

Transit in Sri Lanka airport on way to Delhi.

Arrived in Delhi and met by Harpal, Nidesh and Raj of Rope Skipping Federation of India. The girls first taste of India at corner sweets shop near our hotel.

DAY 2: Sunday, 13/6/2010

Harpal met us at hotel early in the morning and we drove to train station to take train to Amritsar.

Train served light refreshments. The train tickets had to be booked months in advance.

At yellow school bus took us to the school where the workshop was to be held. Meeting with the school principal Mdm Anjana Gupta and her 4 vice-principals

DAY 3: Monday, 14/6/2010

The first 15 minutes was awkward for everyone but we soon warmed up as everyone was eager to learn.

The late evening was reserved for a formal opening ceremony of the Asian Rope Skipping Workshop. Here with Harpal, Verma and Nidesh of Rope Skipping Federation of India

All the VIPs light the candle of life at the beginning of the ceremony.

The Jumping Jewels performing at the ceremony.

VIPs receiving tokens and gifts.

Then there was Bhangra dancing which is a form of dance and music originating from this region of India. It is customary for VIPs to dance at the end of the performance.

Reception in the principal's office afterwards.

DAY 4: Tuesday, 15/6/2010

Having tea and biscuits infront of the school's guest house where we staying at before being chauffeured to the workshop 5 minutes away. Breakfast was at the workshop.

There was no room large enough to accomodate everyone so the workshop for the main group was conducted outdoors. Two vice-principals trying out our ropes in heels and Indian wear!

Indian cuisine was similiar to that of Singapore but with much more variaty and Raj brought us to MacD after lunch just to make sure we had enough to eat.

Small talk before the lessons began again.

A reporter and her cameraman came to interview me and take pictures. The next day the interview was in the newspaper with this photo.

There is alot of talent in India like this 16 year old boy. Dinner at Domino's Pizza near the guest house after a days work.

DAY 5: Wednesday, 16/6/2010

Tea and biscuits in morning and arriving at school for workshop.

Teams in their different district federations already started by warming-up when we walked into the courtyard which was built as skating rink.

Double Dutch, chinese wheel and single rope skills where all taught this day.

The Asian Workshop had already appear in 5 local newspapers by the 4th day of the workshop. It would be seven times by the time we left. The two vice-principals at it again with flats and Indian garb this time. This Indian team came from the northern part of India near Bhutan and look like Bhutanese.

Starting to get a touch fatigue from 3 days of work and heat so during the afternoon break we took a nap back at the guesthouse instead of joining the rest for some bonding activity. This is a large school by Singapore standards with a student population of 4,000 and these are the friendly sport coaches of the school who came to say hello.

Speed counting workshop for coaches.

Synchronize skipping. Rachel took over the microphone for a bit. Mdm Anjana displaying her skipping skills during a break.

Hip teenagers of the school. Indian ice-cream with chocolate poured over desert at dinner in an Indian restaurant.

DAY 6: Thursday, 17/6/2010

There was glucose water provided for the skippers served by uniform sari ladies, - what service!

Some of the more talented skippers where given more to learn including dance moves.

In the afternoon we where treated to a visit to the Golden Temple. Had to cover our heads and walk barefoot. A similiar group photo was published in the newspapers the next day.

Went inside the Golden Temple but no photography allowed inside. Look at all the lavish marble and the gold.

Rushed over to see changing of guards at the India and Pakistan border. Parked the cars and walked to this security check point and walked somemore. Raj our constant companion.

The place was packed and nearly everyone was local. Foreigners had a seperate entrance so we where lucky to get to a good enough seat to see the show.

The fanfare between the guards of the two countries during this confrontational ceremony is so entertaining that the show packs in the crowd everyday.

DAY 7: Friday, 18/6/2010

Nidesh and Dr Anjum helped with translation so that the judge test questions where fully understood.

After the test the Jewels where flattered that the coaches asked for their autographs.

Then it was the speed judge test afterwhich I gave a short farewell speech to sum up the workshop.

Then many asked for autographs and to have photos taken with us. It was a heartwarming positive end to the Asian Rope Skipping Workshop.

In the evening there was a closing ceremony with the lighting of the candles and more tokens. And yes I danced the Bhangra a second time.

Here I am with the Punjab Rope Skipping Association that physically held the camp.

At about 11pm workshop participants where still taking photos.

DAY 8: Saturday, 19/6/2010

Early in the morning we where on the train from Amritsar back to Delhi. This big guy from the Delhi federation met us at the train station and brought us to a waiting chauffeured car.

On the way to the hotel we stopped at this monument and Ariel holding a snake. The hotel manager rushed out and ask the Jewels to take a photo with her. The next morning the chauffer drove us to Agra to see the Taj Mahal 5 hours drive away.

DAY 9: Sunday, 20/1/2010

No cars are allowed near the Taj Mahal so we took a horse carriage there and two tricycles back to the car. Could not take photos inside but we took some marvellous photos outside. Looks the same as when I was last here 20 years ago.

From Agra we went straight to the Delhi airport. Harpal and his lovely wife seen here, and son Raj sent us off.

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