This campaign was supported by Paya Lebar Methodist School(Primary), Rulang Primary School and the Singapore Sports Council, and is sanctioned by Rope Skipping Singapore.

The Team Singapore Rope Skippers were very successful winning 5 of the 6 events and all 3 overalls. The results are testiment to our coaching prowess. Dedication to their sport and support from parents and volunteers are big factors contributing to this success.

The next day the team went to Tokyo Disneyland to unwind before returning triumphant from Tokyo.

Evon Yak
Team Manager
Team Singapore Rope Skippers
All Japan Rope Skippinng Championship 2007

Masters results

Double dutch / Long rope results

Snapshot of All Japan trip

Briefing by head coach before taking flight to Tokyo

  Siti and family at airport

Esabelle and family.

Donal and family

Boon Yuan and family

Sofia and family

  Kai Bin and family. Mother, Jenny is one of two photographer for trip.

Syamimi and family with head coach and team manager for trip.

Train ride from Narita airport to hotel

The 3 caballeros, - Rulang team, Singapore team and PLMGS team managers.

1st day. Visit Asakusa area after depositing bags at hotel. This is an old part of Tokyo.

  Asakusa walking street.

  Somehow Japanese train tickets are harder to buy.

Practice at venue in evening.

Long Rope figure 8 practice. Rulang and PLMGS won 1st and 2nd respectively.

  2nd day. Breakfast at hotel before competition.

  Taking bus to competition stadium from Maihama train station.

  Pensive mood in bus.

Urayasu Sportspark.

  Our smart looking athletes outside the competition stadium.

  Registration for the All Japan Championship.

Japan Rope Skipping Federaton president declaring the competition open.

Both our teams in action in the Long Rope figure 8 event. We won both top posititons.

Double Dutch champion from PLMGS team. Together with both Rulang teams Singapore won all top three positions.

Rope Skipping workshop after competition.

Supporting our athletes with clappers.

  Rope skipping exhibition at the competition.

Sale of rope skipping products at competition.

Group photograph at end of day.

  3rd day. Disneyland day. Waiting for hotel shuttle bus to train station.

  Tokyo Disneyland. This is the first Disneyland outside the US built 25 years ago.

Goofing in Goofy's car.

Toon town jail birds.

  Mimi and Sofia waiting for Mini to come home.

Outside "It's A Small World". Everyone should see this once in their life.

Ninty hand painted horses whirl to tunes from a calliope (steam organ).

Alice's Tea Party. A whimsical array of colorful spinning cups and saucers.

  Yamamoto restaurant where we had our first lunch in Japan. We are actually sitting on the floor with our legs in wells under the table.

4th day. Souvenir buying at Shinjuku shopping district before taking flight home in evening. Tokyu hands is DIY store of Tokyu stores.

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