Rope skipping advisory To help you make informed decisions

1.   Rope skipping is a very aerobics activity so skipping outdoors when the sun is out in Singapopre even in the shade can risk heat stroke. This is why people don't do aerobics outdoors in Singapore. An air-condition sport hall is best but any indoor facility with good ventilation and lighting will do.

2.   Always wear shoes as the impact from rope skipping is similiar to basketball which is 2 to 8 g-force or body weight on the feet. Best type of shoes are flat sole ones like shoes for tennis, basketball, indoor court, aerobics or even sneakers. Running shoes are not made for vertical impact and have a raised soft heel so are not suitable. Wearing a thick pair of sock will also make rope skipping more enjoyable.

3.   Don't skip when on medication even something as simple as panadol. Your heart rate will climb to an unsafe level.

4.   When hiring a coach ask for references, rope skipping qualifications and how many years has he/she been coaching full-time.
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