2nd Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2004, 7-8 Feb 2004

In 2004 secondary school aged sport rope skipping teams was unimaginable. I put together this first team of teenagers to be part of the first Singapore Rope Skipping Team go abroad to compete in another country. Our 20 rope skippers aged between 9 to 17 yrs won 26 medals including 13 gold medals in this debut competition.

The competition was the 2nd Asian Rope Skipping Championships in Bangkok in Thailand on 7th & 8th February 2004.

Roger Yue Jr.
Singapore Rope Skipping Team

The Singapore team

The medals won

The organisors did not have enough medals for all the winners so not everyone was awarded medals they won although all where given certificates. We where dissapointed that medals where not given in lieu of the competition.
Boys Speed Relay (446)
Boys double under relay
Boys double dutch speed relay
Boys Double Dutch Team Freestyle
Girls Speed Relay
Girls Double Under Relay
Girls Single Rope Pairs
Girls Single Rope Team
Girls Double Dutch Speed Relay
Girls Double Dutch Pair Speed
Girls Double Dutch Freestyle
Girls Double Dutch Team Freestyle
Secondary sch girls 3 mins endurance
Primary Sch 30 sec speed
Secondary Sch 3 mins speed
Secondary Sch 30 sec speed
Primary Sch double under relay
Boys pair freestyle
Boys team freestlye
Boys double dutch pairs speed
Boys double dutch trio freestyle
Boys 30 sec speed
Boys 3 mins speed
Primary sch long rope

In appreciation

When we arrived at the Thailand International Airport the competition organisors did not pick us up as planned. Mareesa's parents who are Thai met us at the airport and arranged for several vehicles to send us from the Airport to the official competition hotel at their expense. For this and other efforts to make the teams stay in Bangkok comfortable I must say a warm thank you to Mareesa and her parents.

Singapore Rope Skipping Team

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