Team Singapore Ropes Skippers at National Day Parade 2006

Media conference held by Singapores Sport Council at Kallang Stadium on 2 Aug 2006

Only half the team of 40 skippers where needed for the media conference demonstration. Here they are on the steps of Kallang MRT ready to walk over to Kallang Stadium.

Waiting in the shade for the media and camerman to come out from the press conference.

We suggested to the organisers that the photos should be taken from this side instead of the planned other side.

This great action Strait Times newspaper photo the next day with the stadium in the back is the result of our suggestion.

We happen to have the youngest performer in the whole NDP, - 9 years old. Here you see the reporters taking turns to interview her. The media treated her like a celebrity.

Our gracious rope skippers cheering (well, shouting actually) other groups on as they performed for the media.

The youngest NDP performer making a television interview that appeared on several news channels that evening and the next day. Perhaps this is the first time a rope skipper goes on television to talk about rope skipping. Another rope skipper from the team was interviewed on 93.8 FM.

National Day Fringe Celebrations on 9 August 2006 at Kallang Stadium

Make-up and stuff on steps of Kallang MRT while waiting for all 40 rope skippers to arrive.

Chinese Wheel rope skipping

Four skipper Traveller inside a turning 24 feet rope

Three teams of 3 skipper Chinese Wheel.

Team Syncronise by 8 rope skippers from the Team Syncronise champions 2004 / 2005

While 20 rope skippers performed an exciting show on the stage for 9 minutes the other 20 rope skippers perform Double Dutch rope skipping on the ground to create a festival mood. We did five shows while NDP spectators where entering the stadium to watch the main parade.

Tah - ta-aah!

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