National Double Dutch Open 2007

 St Hilda's Primary School Team aged 7, 10 and 10.

 They are the youngest team

NDDO 2007 was held at Tampines East CC auditorium from 2pm to 4.30pm on Saturday 24th February. It was an entertaining competition for spectators and competitors.

Regardless of age and skipping years, any team that puts in the effort will succeed at the NDDO as can be seen from The Jumping Jewels (age 7, 10, 13) winning over the YTzens (age 13, 13, 14), Team X-Jump (age 15, 19, 21) and the Frogs (aged 13, 13, 17). Such is the credo of NDDO.

Mae Yak
Tournament Director
NDDO 2007

NDDO 2007 ranking

1___The Jumping Jewels 
3___Team X-Jump
4___D I Y
5___The Frogs
6___Hong Wen Team 1
7___A Y X
8___Hong Wen Team 3
9___Greenwood Team 4
10__St Hilda's Primary School Team
11__Paya Lebar Team 2
12__Greenwood Stars
13__Hong Wen Team 2
14__Jumping Stars
15__Rulang Girls
16__Greenwood Champions
17__Hong Wen Team 4 
18__L C M
20__The Double Dutch Champions
21__Trollz Skippers
22__Rulang Boys

Speed Relay event
1___D I Y
2___The Jumping Jewels
3___Team X-Jump
4___Hong Wen Team 3
6___A Y X
7___Hong Wen Team 1
8___Jumping Stars
9___The Frogs
10__Hong Wen Team 2
11___Greenwood Team 4
12__Hong Wen Team 4 
13__Paya Lebar Team 2 
14__Greenwood Stars
15__Rulang Girls
16__St Hilda's Primary School Team
17__Greenwood Champions
18__L C M
19__Rulang Boys
20__The Double Dutch Champions
22__Trollz Skippers

Double Under event
2___D I Y
3___The Frogs
4___Hong Wen Team 1
5___The Jumping Jewels 
6___Team X-Jump
7___St Hilda's Primary School Team
8___Paya Lebar Team 2
9___A Y X
10__Rulang Girls
11___Hong Wen Team 3
12__Greenwood Champions
13__L C M
14__Greenwood Team 4
16__Hong Wen Team 4 
17__The Double Dutch Champions
18__Jumping Stars
19__Greenwood Stars
20__Trollz Skippers
21__Hong Wen Team 2
22__Rulang Boys

Freestyle event
1___The Jumping Jewels 
2___Team X-Jump
4___A Y X
5___The Frogs
6___Greenwood Team 4
7___Hong Wen Team 3
8___Hong Wen Team 1
9___Greenwood Stars
10__D I Y
11__St Hilda's Primary School Team
12__Hong Wen Team 2
13__Paya Lebar Team 2
14__Greenwood Champions
15__Hong Wen Team 4
16__Jumping Stars
17__Rulang Girls
18__L C M
20__The Double Dutch Champions
21__Trollz Skippers
22__Rulang Boys


Some will remember the competitor salute at the opening ceremony. For others the highlight of NDDO was Bernard our MC breaking into two songs while waiting for the results The two special events after the prize giving (the record breaking attempt and the AW Cup workshop) made NDDO even more entertaining for everyone.

Technically much time was saved with all NDDO music preloaded in an iMac and wirelessly transmitted to the auditorium sound system. This is a first in the world. We also use a very accurate Seiko sports clock for the timed events.

Our TV cameraman took the above arty video. This may just start a trend. NDDO defines the way rope skipping competitions will be organised.

Technical Director

Rope Skipping Singapore