Double Dutch Contest World 2013, Tokyo Japan, 24th March 2013

Singapore's Firecrakers team participated in DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST WORLD in Shibuya, Tokyo. Together with teams from America, France, India, Hong Kong and Japan we celebrate another epic double dutch event. Standards of the top teams are higher this year. There was more pop dance music too. The American Hotdog team won "Best of Show" while the Japanese Cracker Jack won the Open battle round. The battle consisted of the top 4 scoring teams taking turns showing a few seconds of their double dutch for 3 times. Judges cast a vote of who they think wins after each battle. It was a very close finish and the score was 5 to 3 judges in favor of Cracker Jack over HogDog.

I arrived on Saturday morning and went directly to the venue in Tokyo where DDCJ was being played out to find the Japanese teams that would represent Japan at DDCW the next day. Our Singapore team Firecrackers where already there as they arrived on Wednesday. The where more than 160 teams which meant DDCJ would end in the evening. At about 4pm we had to make our way back to BumB hotel to prepare for DDCW the next day.

I was given the honor to judged at DDCW again this year. Judging the battle rounds is an awesome experience like no other. Every nuance, grunt and expression by the players can be felt as the judges are right next to them on stage. One significant development this year is that, Mikki the MC, spoke some english making DDCW more enjoyable for non-Japanese speaking folks.

Like last year we could not stay for the post DDCW workshop as we had to be back for the primary school championships.

Roger Yue Jr
Rope Skipping Singapore

Results DDCW (coming soon)
DDCW judge announcement

Snapshot of DDCW day

Firecrakers at buffet breakfast in the morning at BumB, the sports facility in a park where we stayed.

We arrived before 10.30am at the competition venue in Shibuya. With the Indian Skippers team, Nick of HotDog USA, Jonathan of Ebene team from France and coach Sandeep from India.

Briefing by Janet of JRSF to introducing the liaison persons assigned to assist non-Japanese teams. Group photo of teams except the 32 Japanese teams.

The stage had 3 large images projected on it, which change when required, providing a whole new and more organic experience this year.

Firecrakers in costume and Singapore's liaison person Miho wearing the latest DDCW fashion.

Judge meeting and lunch at 1pm. On stage with all 8 judges.

The comptemplating HotDog team during coin tossing. MC's Mikki and Soffy officiating the coin toss to decide which team goes first. Cracker Jack team thrilling a pack audience.

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