Double Dutch Contest World, Tokyo Japan, 25th March 2012

The Jumping Jewels, Firecrakers and Flying Kangaroos participated in this first world championship called DOUBLE DUTCH CONTEST WORLD in Tokyo. This is the largest Singapore team of 11 athletes to participate at a Double Dutch Contest overseas. Together with teams from America, France, Belgium, India and Japan, we all celebrate this epic double dutch event. Standards where high this year and the Japanese team swept all the awards.

I arrived in Tokyo with Ariel earlier on Friday while the rest of the team arrived on Saturday morning and we all went to watch Double Dutch Contest Japan where about 130 teams participated. The top 9 teams in each DDCJ age division would participate in the DDCW. I was one of the judge for DDCW so could not take photos as usual but we have enough photos for a snapshot of our trip.

All overseas trips are difficult for us. Standards are higher and events are not during our holidays. This time it is right in the middle of our Primary School zone competition so we had to rush back the day after DDCW. Had to missed the 2 day post-DDCW workshop in Japan. 3 days after returning, the school which 10 of the rope skippers hailed from, won all their 6 freestyle events in the zonals.

After DDCW we took a train out of Tokyo to visit a rope skipping factory. They manufacture skipping ropes for our National skipping rope program.

Roger Yue Jr
Rope Skipping Singapore

Results of DDCJ/DDCW

DDCW judge announcement

Snapshot of DDCW trip

FRIDAY, 23rd March

Took a train with Ariel (Jumping Jewels) from Airport to our lodgings called BumB. Checked-in and had lunch at 24 hrs Yoshinoya near BumB. Can you see our jump board and flag?

Back from shopping at Shibuya, had dinner at noodle shop inside Shinkiba train station at BumB. Need to buy ticket for noodles at menu vending machine.

SATURDAY, 24th March

Buffet breakfast at BumB cafeteria. Bumb is a local sports complex situated in a park.

The rest the team arrive on Saturday morning at 10am. Met Shuan Hamilton and wife. Explaining our emergency procedure before going to room.

Went to watch DDCJ. The journey took 2 trains and a bus. Got something to eat at Lawson convenience store opposite the bus stop while waiting for bus.

DDCJ was in sports hall instead of an auditorium. There was about 130 teams competiting to see who would participate in DDCW the next day. Awe inspiring event.

Ariel with the Nick Woodard and the Hotdogs. With Jun Haratake of the DDC Executive Comittee.

We left DDCJ at 3pm so we could get some practice and rest for DDCW tomorrow.

Practice that afternoon at BumB before dinner.

Could only practice a few minutes in the evening as the hall was full with the other non Japanese teams.

SUNDAY, 25th March

Breakfast on DDCW morning. All dressed and made up walking thru the park to take the train to Shibuya station for DDCW.

Out of the park and in the train.

Before DDCW the Japanese DDCJ teams where competing their speed events. The top 9 teams for each division will compete in DDCW.

Assistant coach Siew Hoon briefing the team.

In foyer standing-by to be announced at start of DDCW. With U19 and Open American teams, Nanny's Double Dutch and Hotdogs

With Korean team, J Y Rope Company and all the non Japanese teams including the Indian team and French team, Ebene.

The opening ceremony was a huge drum thing with video introduction of the teams.

The MCs Soffy and Mi-Key. Mi-Key is expecting and is a member of the veteran double dutch team Run-D-Crew. Introducing the teams and judges, - me 2nd from left.

I took these photos while seated on the judges seat with my red and blue flag to judge the Battle final event where the top 4 Open teams compete in freestyle.

Double Dutch Contest World champions, Waffle and 1st runner-up, Bud.

It was about 11pm by the time we reach the station at BumB so had dinner was at Yoshinoya. Turns out the two staff where Chinese nationals so ordering was a breeze

MONDAY, 26th March

Next day took bullet train to visit the skipping rope factory that makes our skipping ropes. Many Japanese are wearing a mask to ward of seasonal pollen allergy.

Specially designed skipping ropes are manufactured at this factory for Rope Skipping Singapore.

Rushed back to Narita airport to take our flight home.

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