Double Dutch Contest Singapore Vol.2, 25 November 2012

Double Dutch Contest Singapore was bigger this year in every way. The auditorium was packed when the Hot Dog team opened the contest with an electrifying display of gravity defying rope skipping. The audience was blown away by some of the best athletes in the world who have come to support DDCS. Nick Woodard and Shaun Hamilton from World Jump Rope also judged Performance and all six Hot Dog skippers where the speed judges. This was the most accurate looking speed event I have ever seen.

We have more double dutch teams this year, many of whom where absolute begineers. All told we have 98 athletes in 24 teams participating in the contest. Several hundred more skippers where touched by DDCS as Hot Dog and Outbalance teams gave a two days of demonstrations and workshops to 9 school teams before DDCS.

This year we also had a Masters contest to have more participation opportunities. This is the 3rd Masters organized by RSS. We are thrilled that 2 Hong Kong and 2 Malaysian athletes participated in the Masters making them the first foreign athletes to compete in sport rope skipping in Singapore.

Directly after DDCS we gave a "thank you" barbecue to the athletes outside the DDCS venue. The younger skippers could not stay the evening but the adult and teens mingled the night away.

Many friendships where made or got stronger and that at the end of the day is what DDCS is about, - it is about people.

Roger Yue Jr.
Rope Skipping Singapore president

Results of DDCS Vol.2

Snapshot of DDCS Vol.2

Morning of DDCS all the judges and team leaders met at Rope Skipping Singapore to have breakfast downstairs at prata shop. Then back to RSS to discuss the contest rules and schedule.

Entered the auditorium at 4pm to practice and set up until 5.30pm when spectators arrive. The music activated visualizer projected on the backdrop made each performance more dimensional.

Briefed my skippers under my ward on the stage. DDCS starts at 6pm by introducing myself as emcee and Vicky as my assistant. Then introduced all participants on stage.

Some teams have been on stage forever and some for the first time. The oldest contestant was 28 and the youngest was 9 years old. But all came here to enjoy double dutch.

When the stage cleared the Hot Dog jump rope team's opening show raised the level of excitement to an electricfying level.

The Hong Kong 12U teams started in a slightly unusual poses.

Also unusual is while we where emcees Vicky and I also played all the music from a MacBook. Playcard judging system that we pioneered makes scoring really fast.

Merlin is a new team put together just 2 weeks before DDCS. They won 1st in 12U Speed and 2nd in Performance. Their speed is fastest in entire contest.

The prolific Jumping Jewels here in there original dance sequence that took one month to develop.

The Malaysian 19U team with their unique head stand starting pose.

6 Hot Dog jumpers provided highly accurate speed judging.

Masters 12U Boys

Masters 12U Girls

Masters 17U Girls

The speed display system kept everyone on the edge their seats when speeds where close between two skippers.

Shuffle from Hong Kong was first to perform in the Open category.

Followed by Outbalance of Japan.

There are only 2 Open category contestants. The speed judges mistakenly held each others clicker projecting the score on each others side.

All contestant on the stage for the award ceremony. Trophies are awarded to the Champions and certificates for top three winners.

The Masters winners, - 12U Boy, 12U Girls and 17U Girls.

Photo taking session after the award ceremony.

Shaun, Jin Kwee and Wei Feng started the barbecue so it was ready when we got down. The school teams had school buses waiting to bring the kids back and could not join us.

Snapshot of Hot Dog and Outbalance teams show and workshop

After introductions started with a 20 minutes jump rope show by the Hot Dog team to get everyone in the mood in the morning of Friday, 23rd November.

After lunch at provided by the last school it was a show and workshop again at another school for about 100 students from 4 primary school teams. Hot Dog jumpers signing autographs.

On Saturday, 24th November the Outbalance team from Japan joined the show and workshop at another school.

DDCS volunteers

Shaun Hamilton (World Jump Rope chairman)
Nick Woodard (Word Jump Rope ambassador USA)
Coach Chin (Malaysia)
Coach Don Lui
Coach Crystal Chen
Shota Seo(Japan)
Yuki Yagi(Japan)

Show team and speed judges
Hot Dog USA jump rope team, - Nick Woodard, Brian Hsu, Robbi Csontos, McKayla Hanson, Bethany Padvorac, Lily Trang

Jolyn Teo, Gerlyn Ng, Tiffiny Tok

Rebecca Quah, Cheryl Lim, Mazel Ong

Roger Yue Jr
Vicky Tobias

Projector/speed display

Jolyn Teo, Gerlyn Ng, Tiffiny Tok

Jink Wee
Wei Feng

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