Double Dutch Contest Singapore Vol.1, 23 December 2011

Double Dutch Contest Singapore is part of a world league and winners of DDCS will qualify to compete in DDCWorld which will be in Tokyo in March 2012. Many years in the planning we felt this was the right time to host Singapore's first international rope skipping competition. DDCS was a skipping extravaganza that previously could only be seen overseas.

This is one big reason that RSS organized and financed DDCS so that our fledgling rope skipping environment will get a short in the arm but it has been successful beyond our wildest imagination. Already just 2 days after DDCS two of our foreign leaders have pledge to come back for DDCS.v2 next year with teams. Furthermore, DDCS.v1 will live on as part of a TV drama about a secondary school double dutch team to be telecast next year. A film crew was filming before, after and during DDCS.

It was wonderful to have high quality judges to help run our debut DDCS. No doubt our DDCS workshop the day before and DDCS morning meeting contributed to everyone just doing what needs to be done at DDCS without a rehearsal. Beside the judges, DDCS had other volunteers who helped in one way or another. They are recognized at the end of this page.

DDCS is open to teams from other countries and is the Singapore qualifying competititon for DDC World. Japan, America, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore are represented in DDCS. Of these the latter 3 countries had participating teams and they are the top teams of their countries. We are really fortunate to be able to show Singaporeans such high quality double dutch. Then there was the awesome performance by 2 time world champion Nick Woodard assisted by another world champion Shaun Hamilton and Rachel Baby.

We invited everybody in Singapore to be involved in this DDCS project and as a result more people are together for DDCS than ever before. This is the sign of the times. The winners of DDCS will now proceed to represent Singapore at DDC World in Japan in March.

Roger Yue Jr
Double Dutch Contest Executive Committee member
Rope Skipping Singapore president

Results of DDCS Vol.1

Snapshot of DDCS Vol.1

At 5pm a final briefing for teams at RSS before setting out to the auditorium next door for DDCS. My assistant emcee is Jumping Jewels Amanda. The competing Jumping Jewels where acting in TV drama earlier. The film crew where filming at the auditorium from 12 noon and will carry on after DDCS at 9pm to midnight.

DDCS began just after 6pm by introducing the teams one by one to the audience. 12U Firecrackers, Flying kangaroos and West Grove - Whirling Grovians.

These 3 team are acting in the TV drama. 19U Double Dutch Dancing Queens and Jumping Jewels as themselves. The Wave Jumpers are real actors who have been taking Double Dutch lessons at RSS.

19U Jelly Beanz is a secondary school team from their school rope skipping club.

The Open teams are Star Jumper from Malaysia, Da Crew Of Compound from Hong Kong and Singapore's Bungeelistic.

The 12U Performance events began first. Flying Kangaroos are the youngest team of 9 year olds.

Our highly experience judges using a playcard judging method. Chin HK, Shaun Hamilton, Sadatoshi Watanabe, Nick Woodard and Don Lui.

DDDQ kicked off the 19U Performance event. I was interested to find out how they felt after their jump and so I asked them.

The Jelly Beanz are all from the smartest class in their secondary school. Didn't say much though.

The Jumping Jewels have won 4 consecutive DDC competitions. Tonight they are also the fastest team in the whole competition.

Wave Jumpers have made history by competing as an acting secondary school team.

Next was the speed event for 12U & 19U. The same set of high quality judges who judged the Performance event stepped on the stage and judged the speed events.

Speed judges, Nick Woodard, Shaun Hamilton, Sadatoshi Watanabe and Chin KH. Don Lui is not in photos. Jolyn is in-charge of scoring.

Our equipment boy, a Jumping Jewel, with his DDCS hairdo. He handles the MacBook for the backdrop projection and the speed display system. Cameramen enjoying DDCS waiting for film opportunities.

The novice event, double under, was a crowd pleaser as we had two teams on stage at once and their supporters could see the rising scores on the speed display.

The Hong Kong boys started with sort of a prayer, suddenly they jumped up and where on a roll...

.... with a gamut of crowd pleasing moves.

Bungeelistic's girls used to rope skip in primary school. They have not double dutch in 10 years!!! The young man has never rope skipped till 2 weeks ago. Fearless!.

The Malaysians have landed with Star Jumper's debut in a DDC. They worked the crowd like pop stars.

Nick Woodard took the stage to show how he won the World Championships twice. Then he decided to tumble over 7 kids. With Shaun and Rachel he showed world class double dutch jumping. The audience impression of double dutch and rope skipping was forever changed after this.

Last event was the Open Speed.

Family of judges during 10 minutes break before award ceremony. Time for autographs too.

Award ceremony with all teams on stage. We had beautiful podiums for this. Amanda announcing the results with runner Ji Mei.

9 year olds Flying Kangaroos where surprise Performance champions edging out more experienced and older teams. Such a big achievment so young.

The judges gave out the awards.

Filming additional scenes after DDCS ended at 9pm. The TV drama director requested that the audience stay back 30 minutes to act as audience.

Our American judges waiting for filming to end. Security was provided by 3 off-duty police officers.

Snapshot of DDCS.v1 breakfast meeting.

RSS had the idea that this was an opportune time to talk about rope skipping from our countries and performance/fusion double dutch. On the morning of DDCS at the meeting we dicussed mostly double dutch for about five and half hours. We all agreed that there should be opportunities to talk somemore. Those at the meeting have a clearer mindset about performance/fusion competititon format now. The next big DDC event, DDC World, will surely benefit from this meeting too. Sada of Japan suggested Japan could host another such meeting at DDCW.

Breakfast at the Prata coffeeshop downstair of Rope Skipping Singapore at 8am on 23rd December. Our foreign friends enjoyed prata, thosai, apam. tea tarek and tea chino.

Shaun Hamilton talking about jump rope in America and World Jump Rope to the team leaders and judges of DDCS.

Sadatoshi Watanabe explaining the DDC concept and DDC World.

The participants at this reference point meeting that lasted for five and a half hours without a break. That was how intense this first of it's kind discussion went.

Snapshot after DDCS.v1

Chillin' past midnite after DDCS on Christmas Eve. Nick giving Rachel pointers on her frog

The 3 Jumping Jewels who did not compete this time. Supper at about 3am at the Prata coffeeshop downstairs. Sada signing autographs for the Jewels

Durian was selling downstairs after supper. Jumping Jewels like durian. Sada, well you can tell from his face it is not his favorite fruit.

DDCS volunteers

Sadatoshi Watanabe (DDC Executive Committee chairman)
Shaun Hamilton (World Jump Rope chairman)
Nick Woodard (Word Jump Rope ambassador USA)
Chin HK (Malaysia professional coach)
Don Lui (Singapore professional coach)

Jumping Jewels: Jolyn, Ji Mei.
SHSS Rope Skipping Club: Clara, Bee Ting.

Roger Jr

Projector/speed display
Roger III

Jumping Jewels: Ariel, Jolyn, Ji Mei

Parents of skippers


Hakim x3

Amutha (Singapore Heart Foundation)
Amy Canady (World Jump Rope director)
June (Jewels attire sponsor)
Salbiah (Judges day tour)
Yep Pheng

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