Double Dutch Competition Japan Vol.7 2008

The Jumping Jewels are the only competitive Fusion Double Dutch team in Singapore. So it was natural to go to compete at the DDCJ in Tokyo, Japan on 24 Mar 2008. This is the home of all current world top three Fusion Double Dutch teams.

The DDCJ was alot fun and we made many Japanese friends.

The next day the team went to Tokyo Disneyland. Also visited the largest Anime area in the world Anime town.

Mae Yak
Team Manager
The Jumping Jewels
DDCJ 2008

Snapshot of the trip

1st day. Taking train to Akihabara, the largest electronics shopping area in the world

Streets of Akihabara

  Anime Town at Akihabara. Anime Town is the largest anime area in the world

  There are 3 sizes of drink cans in Japan

2nd day. Morning at hotel room ready for competition

  Outside the competition venue waiting for doors to open

  Speed event first. Jumping Jewels on right

  Speed event

Start of performance

Japanese double dutch friends

3rd day. Disneyland Tokyo

 Goofy's car

4th day. Slumming in Tokyo before taking flight home.

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