Double Dutch Contest Hong Kong Vol.3, 21 Oct 2012

We have six teams participating this year including 5 in the U12 category and Jumping Jewels in the U18 category. They are Jumping Jewels, Blue Diamonds, Firecrackers,
Flying Kangaroos, Beauty and The Beast. Nine of the athletes just sat for their PSLE two weeks before DDCHK. We have 21 skippers which is a largest group to ever go overseas for training. This is also the first time we have a boy team and a mixed team, The Beast and Blue Diamonds respectively. We even out number the Hong Kong teams, 5 to 2, in the U12 category.

Four of the teams managed to get rooms at the Loft hostel above the competition venue which is great saving of time and energy.

Arrived in Hong Kong on Saturday, the day before DDCHK, with the Jewels. Took the airport A12 bus which took us directly to the Loft hostel. Met 3 other teams after lunch for briefing and practice. Practice speed at the sit down corner near the lift lobby at my room which was convenient. For the performance practice coach Julie found an open park perfect for us just outside the Loft hostel. After dinner practiced again.

Lights out by 10pm so that everyone was rested for rehersals in the morning. Next day after rehersals was competition at 2pm. Jumping Jewels succesfully defended both Speed and Performance titles. We won the U12 Speed again and also the 3rd place. While not getting back the 1st place for Performance we swept the 2nd and 3rd place.

Such a sweep of awards is reward for the hard work of everyone including parents who shuttled the skippers to and for Rope Skipping Singapore for training. We had many begineer skippers this year so the recognition is especially gratifiying as a coach.

Now the confidence and experience gained by these skippers will give them a distinct edge in Singapore competitions.

Roger Yue Jr
Head Coach
Rope Skipping Singapore

Results of DDCHK Vol.2, - waiting for official result from Hong Kong.

Snapshot of DDCHK Vol.3 trip

Waiting for the A12 bus at airport with the Jewels. On the bus which takes an hour to reach our hostel. Outside the firedoor of the the hostel after checking in and buying water.

Met other 3 teams who came a day earlier outside my room to practice speed after lunch. Beauty and The Beast teams would met us next day before competition.

Then practiced performance event at park outside hostel. Also a great place to practice under the shade of trees and cool autumm air.

Dinner afterwards and we met again for another session of practice before lights out at 10pm. Breakfast at same place where we had most of our meals in a small mall next to hostel.

Met Japanese judge Megumi at the entrance of auditorium in the morning going for registration and rehearsal. Coach Julie checking in our teams for DDCHK at the foyer of the auditorium

Teams going through their speed rehearsal. Each team given 3 minutes to practice. Hot Dog team and Japanese team.

U12 and then U18 briefed about new performance format before rehearsing on stage.

Our teams rehearsing performance event for the allowed 3 minutes each.

Lunch between rehearsal and start of DDCHK at 2pm.

We are in the balcony seat waiting area during competition. Scrubing shoes with steel brush for better traction. Ariel with Nick of Hot Dog.

Blue Diamonds, Firecrackers and Flying Kangaroos recieving their awards.

Jumping Jewels recieving their Speed and Performance certificates and Peformance trophy. The first team to ever win both titles for consecutive years.

The other foreign teams, Performance champion Hanojo-Boshuchu from Japan and Speed 2nd Hot Dogs from USA.

Photo taking after prize giving ceremony on stage. Winning makes it more fun as can be seen on the faces.

Team close shots

Some girl thing going on here with the Hot Dog team women skippers.

Dinner at the same easy menu on the wall place next to competititon venue and our hostel.

Next day, while all the other teams went back to Singapore, the Jewels went to Disneyland Hong Kong on the Disney train.

The fireworks at 8pm where the best I have ever seen. Coming back next year to take photos.

Before leaving Hong Kong the next day went shopping at Causeway Bay shopping area.

Our only MacD meal was our last in Hong Kong at Causeway Bay. Then on the A12 bus again this time to the airport.

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