Double Dutch Contest Hong Kong Vol.2, 23 Oct 2011

This year our Jumping Jewels, Firecrakers and Flying Kangaroos participated in Hong Kong. The Jumping Jewels had lodgings in the same building of the competition auditorium while our other two teams stayed in a hotel 4 train stations away. Y-Loft where we stayed was super convenient as we could shuttle between our rooms and the auditorium in a minute.

Landed in Hong Kong the day before competition and spent a few hours in the afternoon calibrating our performance and speed skipping. The next day, the 10am rehearsal at the auditorium finished late so it was good to have rooms upstairs to rest and prepare before the start of the competition at 2 pm. By the end of the competition the Jumping Jewels and Firecrakers had emerged champions in both their speed and performance event. Our debuting 9 year olds Flying Kangaroos also did well to beat 3 teams at speed.

Such a sweep of awards is reward for the hard work of everyone involve including parents who shuttled the skippers to and fro Rope Skipping Singapore for training.

Roger Yue Jr
Head Coach
Rope Skipping Singapore

Results of DDCHK Vol.2

Snapshot of DDCHK Vol.2 trip

Early in the morning at Singapore's budget airport to board Tiger Airways to Hong Kong and before we knew it we where in the MTR to Chai Wan station.

Met up with the Firecracker and Flying Kangaroos who arrived the day before. Had lunch and then practiced for competition tomorrow.

A sober dinner after practice at KFC near hostel in a shopping mall.

Morning making up and moving out to competition venue downstairs for the rehearsal.

We where half an hour early at 9.30am and so we had to wait outside. The security would not let us practice in the open area, -with our ropes.

So we practices withouts our ropes. There are no ropes turning in these photos.

Queing to register for the competition in the foyer of the auditorium. Inside Jason of Hong Kong briefing the participants how the traffic would be.

Sitting in front row waiting to be called for rehearsal.

Speed rehearsals for Flying Kangaroos and Firecrackers went well.

Freestyle rehearsal also went well. The Jumping Jewels rehearsed their Oriental themed start which had onlookers wondering, what the huh?

Competiton time. All three teams performed around their personal best in the actual speed rounds. The youngest team in DDCHK, Flying Kangaroos gave a lionheart performance.

In full costume the Jumping Jewels where true to their name and sparkled from green to red to black color outfits.

The moment of anticipation by out valiant skippers at the award ceremony.

They announce the junior speed results first. 3rd place was Castar Distinction. 2nd place was OC - Diamond Crew

Crystal of Firecrackers came out first to collect the champion certificate for 30 seconds speed, Junior division.

For the 18U speed, 3rd place went to HFXD and 2nd place to Revolution.

The Jumping Jewels step out to claim their certificate as U18 30 seconds speed champion.

The open catergory speed went to SPAS-12, DCOC and champion was Harigane Crew.

Then it was time to award the Junior freestyle events. 3rd place went to Kei Fook Primary School and 2nd to OC - Diamond Crew.

Junior Champion was our Firecrackers winning by just under 2 seconds faster than the 2nd place.

18U freestyle 3rd place went to Fever and 2nd place to Super Junior. Then they announced the champion....

Jumping Jewels are 18U freestyle champions. You never really know if you will win until they make the announcement.

The open division freestyle 3rd place went to Universal, 2nd place to Harigane Crew and champion was DCOC.

The judges before the start of the competition and on stage with their judge participation certificates.

Directly after the award ceremony was the photo taking session.

Our jubilant skippers.

Montage of memories. Last photo here of 18U Jumping Jewels and Open DCOC featuring this years champion colors, - red, black and gold.

Several fans took photos with the Jumping Jewels after the competition.

Our three teams partying at dinner after the competition. Next day at the front door to our hostel for the last time before taking our flight home in the evening.

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