Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2011, 21-25 July 2011

The Singapore team for the 6th Asian Rope Skipping Championships was supported by Rope Skipping Singapore (RSS), Rulang Primary School and the families of the athletes. Countries participating are Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

Our Singapore team of 4 Jumping Jewels and 8 Rulangnites won 4 bronze medals.

The Korean federation who hosted the championships has outdone themselves by giving us a wonderful venue for the games. Another outstanding thing they did was to hire a team of undergraduate translators to be liaisons for the participating countries. Many other thoughtful details made this Asian Championships an enjoyable experience.

Roger Yue Jr.
Team manager / head coach
Singapore team

Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2011 results

Bronze medal 14U Triple Under
Rulangnites (Jamie, Serene, Grace, Zhi Yun) Bronze medal
Bronze medal
Speed/DU relay
Double Dutch speed relay
Jumping Jewels (Rachel, Ariel) Bronze medal Pairs Freestyle

Asian Rope Skipping Championships 2011 snapshot

Jumping Jewels at departure hall in Changi Airport, Singapore on 20 July. Rulangnites landed in Korea a day earlier.

Margie met us at the Incheon airport in South Korea. Part of Hong Kong team and Indian team was also at the airport. Harpal of India at one of the three pit stops on 6 hour coach ride to Mokpo city.

RSS provided the Speed Display system together with DDC Executive Committee of Japan. Credit for this is given on the banners and competition brochure.

Breakfast next day, the first day of competititon, at the lodging. Kimchi was served at all the meals.

Judges briefing before start of first event. Practice area on both sides of playing field seperated by a huge long banner.

The sports hall was just the right size and the lighting was good for the games. Roscoe and Ariel ready to speed.

The opening ceremony drum performers practicing. Standing by for opening ceremony then the drum performers march in first.

Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, China, India. . .

. . . and Singapore.

Sat on chairs listening to open ceremony speeches.

Dinner was in a garden opposite the lodging after the first day of competition.

This how we looked in the games.

At the front steps of the Mokpo sport hall after second day of competition. This is the largest games to grace the stadium. Happy on the bus back to lodging.

In front of lodging at Mokpo Football Center a kilometer away from the sports hall. Rooms where comfortable and spacious with large bathroom.

Judges for Asian Cup on third day. Our Rachel judging fouth from right.

Medals where given out by coaches to be fast and memorable for athletes.

Afternoon of third day at lobby of lodging waiting to go on city tour. Shopping at Lotte shopping mall.

Mokpo museum tour was interesting for the skippers. Photos with Diane, Margie, Janet and 한국

Farewell banquet opening show had several traditional dances that caught everyones attention.

RSS was presented with an appreciation plate for our participation by ARSF president professor Ha. KRSF president, Mr Yang, acknowledging his people for their hard work.

Ariel receiving a lucky draw prize from Mr Chan, the Hong Kong head coach.

With Professor Yang, Mr Yang and Professor Susan Kim.

With Mr Harpal and Mr Nidesh of India. Diane our helpful Korean liaison person.

The surprise end to the tour was visiting the musical fountain that had thank you messages for participating countries of the Asian weaved into the show.

Driven to airport coach station in Mokpo at midnight to catch 2.30am coach to airport. The seats on the coach are the best ever. At airport had time so painted fans at cultural center.

The most wire country in the world has laptops free to use next to airport boarding gate. Transited 8 hours in Hong Kong. Taking train to Hong Kong city to shop and eat Peking duck

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