World Record 24 hrs Double Dutch Speed
World organizer: Planet Jump Rope ( )

This is the first international rope skipping event in Singapore. 8 countries took part to make this one of a kind world record by skipping in their countries all at the same time for 24 hours. The countries are Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Sweden, Singapore and USA. The neat event T-shirts came just the day before by DHL from Belgium. So you can tell in the photos and videos who are the skippers. The Singapore part of the event was held at Rope Skipping Singapore which is also the headquarters of the Asian Rope Skipping Confederation.

All the countries started at the same time and for Singapore this was 2100 hrs on 3rd of July. The 20 skippers where in 5 teams of 4 skippers. We started skipping one team after another for 10 minutes each. By about 0230 hrs, 5 plus hours later they needed to sleep so we started to have one team sleep per 4 rounds cycle. This gave the 3 youngest teams about 2.30 hours to sleep one at a time. By about 0900 hrs the two remaining older teams started their rest. By about 1230 hours on 4th July all 5 teams skipped 10 minutes one after another for the rest of the event.

We got to video chat with Sweden, Belgium and India several times during the 24 hours and made more friends. The counting was made easier with the new speed counting system that comes with a hand held counter. It was an interesting team bonding event and the Singapore team jumps is a Singapore record, which is 148742 right foot jumps.
We had several professional sport coaches staffing the event and an observer from another rope skipping association. At the last hour parents and friends came to cheer the hardworking skippers on. The team had dinner was at MacD next door afterwards.

We want to thank all those who supported the skippers and the event one way or another. It would not have been the same without you. All skippers, counters and stafff get a unique certificate of participation from the world organizer to remember this special time.

Results for the event is at

The Singapore skipping team and support people for the event are:

Kim Swee
Francis (coach / head counter)
Roger (coach / technical director)

Evon (coach / floor manager)

Joseph (camera)

Christina John (logistics)
Chin (coach)

Luqman (observer)

Kim Swee

Pei Shi
Weng Jye



Kim Ing








Chin Yee


Snapshot of World Record 24 Hours Double Dutch Speed

Assembling new and spare ropes for the 5 teams and afternoon nap for the early skippers on 3rd July.

Briefing for 19 skippers at 1748 hours. The 20th skipper would arrive at 23 hrs.

Team 1 standing by for 2100 hrs and then they skip for 10 minutes.

Then it was team 2, 3 and 4's turn.

Team 5 was the youngest team. Rubbing down with ointment before jump.

Counters Francis, Chris and Rowena. Francis is holding the latest counting device which is wired to the eMac which is link via internet to the organizers counting software. This is the only such counting system in Asia.

Team 4 waiting for team 2 to complete their 10 minutes in the afternoon of 4th July.

Night to day to night again can be seen from the windows. The yellow sport timer shows the time.

Team 2 volunteered to skip the last 10 minutes of the 24 hours while Evon is counting. Rachel makes the last jump in the photo.

And it's a world speed record and a Singapore speed record.

Happy to be part of this event.

Those where the days photos.

Congratulations all around.

Last photo at Rope Skipping Singapore and in the party room at MacD for dinner. This is how you look after 24 hours of double dutch.

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